DoriC: an updated database of bacterial and archaeal replication origins

Bacteria Archaea

Replication of chromosomes is one of the central events in the cell cycle. DNA replication begins at specific sites, called origins of replication (oriCs), in all three domains of life. The oriC regions in bacterial genomes have been organized into an online database DoriC, publicly available since 2007. Five years after we constructed DoriC, the database has significant advances over the number of bacterial genomes, increasing about 4-fold. Additionally, oriC regions in archaeal genomes identified by in vivo experiments as well as in silico analyses have also been added to the database. Consequently, the latest release of DoriC contains oriCs for more than 6,900 bacterial genomes and 200 archaeal genomes, respectively. Each entry contains detailed information about the oriC, such as the sequence, repeat, DnaA box or ORB motif, and the graphical views about the oriC, i.e., various disparity curves (RY, MK, AT and GC) etc. Users can browse the database by species name, accession numbers of GenBank or DoriC, and can also search for oriCs by organism’s name, accession number, lineage, and a keyword, etc. In addition, users can also Blast a query sequence or even a whole genome against DoriC to find a homologous one.