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Five years ago, DoriC 5.0, an updated database of oriC regions in both bacterial and archaeal genomes, was presented in the 2013 Nucleic Acids Research database issue. Now, the latest release DoriC 10, a large-scale update of replication origins in prokaryotic genomes including chromosome and plasmid, has been presented, which is freely available at and In the current release, the database of DoriC has made significant improvements compared with version 5.0 as follows:

  1. inclusion of oriCs in more bacterial chromosomes increased from 1,633 to 7,580;
  2. inclusion of oriCs in more archaeal chromosomes increased from 86 to 226;
  3. inclusion of 1,209 replication origins in plasmids for the first time;
  4. inclusion of more replication origin elements in bacterial chromosomes including DnaA-trio.
Up to now, DoriC has served as a critical database in the prokaryotic genomics, and the database has facilitated the studies associated with the replication origins, such as large-scale oriC data mining, strand-biased analyses, and replication origins prediction. In addition, the predictions of replication origins stored in DoriC have been supported by a series of experiments, including those published in Science, Nature. The previous version is available at


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