Recommended values

Detection of isochores in eukaryotic genomes
  Halting parameter: 100; Minimum length: 3000 bp.

Identification of genomic islands in prokaryotic genomes
  Halting parameter: 50~100; Minimum length: 1000 bp.

Delineating the variation of GC content in genomic sequences roughly
  Length>100 Mb
Halting parameter:500~1000; Minimum length: 3000 bp.
  10Mb<Length<100 Mb
Halting parameter:100~500; Minimum length: 3000 bp.
  1Mb<Length<10 Mb
Halting parameter:50~100; Minimum length: 1000 bp (prokaryotes) or 3000 bp (eukaryotes).
  100 kb<Length<1 Mb
Halting parameter:10~50; Minimum length: 1000 bp.
  Length<100 kb
Halting parameter:5~10; Minimum length: 100 bp.