ZCURVE_CoV database

an updated database of annotated protein-coding genes and proteinase cleavage sites in thousands of coronavirus genomes

Primary publication:

  • F. Gao, H.Y. Ou, L.L. Chen, W.X. Zheng, C.T. Zhang (2003). Prediction of proteinase cleavage sites in polyproteins of coronaviruses and its applications in analyzing SARS‐CoV genomes. FEBS Lett, 553(3):451-6.
  • L.L. Chen, H.Y. Ou, R. Zhang, C.T. Zhang (2003). ZCURVE_CoV: a new system to recognize protein coding genes in coronavirus genomes, and its applications in analyzing SARS-CoV genomes. Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 307(2):382-8.
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